I lost my heart on the East Rand floor

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Many moons ago, when I started to walk the floor of the Eastern Region, it started out as a way for me to get to know everyone. A way to tune into what was happening and what was top of mind for the staff in the East.

What I discovered was that it turned out to be a lot more. I got to learn that behind the beautiful smiles were people who faced tough challenges, yet kept going. I learnt that the resilience and strength of people are incredible, and that against all odds, victories are always possible.

I learnt about the adventures, joys and achievement that some people experienced. I learnt that people had extraordinary, God-given talents which they have discovered but did not fully utilise yet.

My intention when I walked the floor was always to touch people positively in some way. What I found was that they touched my spirit and my heart. The stories they entrusted me with stretched my view and my heart.

As I walked the floor of the East, I laughed allot and yes sometimes cried but always I was grateful for the opportunity to connect in such a profound way.

My walking the floor become the norm, and I must say, it was funny that on days when I did it later than usual, the staff would come look for me and enquire, “Why are you not walking the floor today?” They did not mind my noise as I walked along the floor. They no longer thought it strange, unlike before.

Each person has a story capable to inspire others to great heights. I have been touched by many stories and my view on life, expanded tenfold.

Thank you people from the East, you will always hold a special place in my heart.

With love & light


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