How do you find clarity of purpose

How do you find clarity of purpose? We all seek a meaningful life? Sometimes we get stuck. We know that where we are is not where we want to be. So how do you move?

Steps to find clarity of purpose

The ancient zen proverb spells it out clearly. You need to close your eyes to see clearly. When you seek out the silence, you will hear the truth. The truth is in our hearts. To listen to it, we have to connect to it with love and faith. Your certainty will come when you seek out silence. It will allow you to take direct action. Earl Nightingale spoke about the strangest secret that gives excellent insight on how to get what you want once you are clear on your life’s mission.

What to do when you are clear?

When you are clear on your purpose, write it down. Clearly articulate what you want. Believe in it. You become what you want. Visualize it; ensure the image is crisp and clear. Feel positive about your vision. Then take action to live your purpose. Clarity is a stimulus for success.

How I found my purpose?

I struggled in the past with becoming lucid on what I wanted. The main reason was that I didn’t allow myself to seek out the silence. I was always on the move doing stuff and being responsible. I felt too scared to acknowledge what I wanted. And when I did become clear, holding it with soft faith, I found takes courage. I know that I am a teacher, a storyteller, and a healer. It is what makes me come alive.

When you are clear, you can’t just keep it to yourself and do nothing. You have to act. The how will not always be transparent, but as you move, you find your answers. You have to keep your mind focused on your goals. Stay calm and cheerful. Clarity of purpose will transform your life.

Wishing you love and light


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