Why can’t you be great? Why do we always think that greatness exists outside of ourselves?

We are awestruck by some people who seem to be extraordinary. We admire their ability to create, love, speak, stand-out, laugh, cry, etc. And achieve great success while doing what they do. 

The truth is, they are just like you and me. When we act like ourselves and use the gifts God blessed us with; we shine. Every common man and woman is extraordinary. Everyone is born with a gift to serve uniquely in this life. 

It is when we appear, speak, and act like other souls; we wake something up within them. The resonance and gift of greatness. 

I reside in you and you reside in me, souls in resonance to the heartbeat of the universe. It is when we see each other in this light that we awaken each other to greatness.

Teachings to create meaningful life experiences

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