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Force breeds resentment.

Builds resistance &

Leads to feelings of anger,

 frustration & helplessness.

No matter how noble the intention.

Force builds walls and prevents team cohesion & connection.

Force destroys.

Like acid it burns holes.

The way to combat force is discussion,

Negotiation and compromise.

Finding the common ground

and building on it.

I find it amazing how often – we still think that when we push people hard that things will get done. I think some times it just results in even less being accomplished since people feel so overwhelmed. Sometimes by taking it easy on ourselves and others we achieve more. Especially when we find the common ground. We live in a time when there are lots of amazing inspirational icons who teaches us that with peace and love we achieve so much more as people, a nation and a country. Thank you;  Tata Madiba for your lessons. Happy birthday.

Kind regards


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