I’ve learned a lot from fear. It’s caution to keep things the same. The horror stories it tells you of all things that could go wrong. It’s counsel as to why you’re not ready yet to pursue your deepest desires. 

And even when the things around you are not conducive to your wellbeing anymore. The voice of fear still speaks loudly over your life – if you let it.

In my softest voice, I said to fear. “Thank you for your protection, your counsel, and impact on my life. But I can take it from here.”

I know that if I continue to be a faithful disciple of fear, I will never fully live my purpose. I’ll not follow the wisdom from within, that knows what I am capable of.

I know for sure is that if I don’t STOP the voice of fear. My life will be squalor and poor.

 By letting go of fear with soft faith, you do things you’ve only imagined. You learn and grow. You succeed. And you rise time after time to a higher plane of vibration and being. To get to this place of magic and wonder, look at fear and say, “I’ve got this!”

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