We worry so much about failing that we seldomly wonder what happens after failure? Sometimes just the thought of failure stops us from even trying. But think back to a time when you took action and when things didn’t quite work out as you imagined. What happened? Did the world come crashing down, or were you still standing? Sure, failure is painful. We don’t deliberately try to fail, or do we?

I have found that acknowledging your efforts in pursuit of your dreams is encouraging. Sure, success or failure are possible outcomes, but they are both two sides of the same coin.  

Top four reasons why failure is possible, despite your best efforts.

  1. You may not be clear on what it is that you want? You have not been specific enough on what you want. If you are vague and unclear, this is what will show up for you.
  2. It is possible that deep down, you don’t believe that you will succeed. You doubt that you will achieve what you want. The more you focus on your doubt and fear, the more this shows up for you.
  3. You compare yourself unjustly against the successes of others, telling yourself that you are not as good or talented.
  4. You worry that too many people are already doing what you most want to do, and you fret that the market won’t have space for you.

When you manage the above well, you won’t have to worry about what will happen after failing. it will become easier for you to succeed.

Why is it important to keep your flaring emotions in check?

  1. When you allow the voice of your ego to grow, your emotions will spiral out of control with fear, frustrations, doubt, and worry; It will cause you to give up if you’ll let it.
  2. An obsession with time running out could paralyze you from acting on your dreams. Paralysis is often the direct result of not managing your negative emotions.
  3. You feel anxious about your finances, scared of how you will manage if your dream doesn’t work out. It’s your emotional spiral that scares you and not the facts about your financial situation. If your finances are an issue, establish how much money you will need to allow you the time to focus wholeheartedly on your dream.  You can continue with your current job or do a side-job to help you generate the funds you need.
  4. You feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things that you think you must learn and do; to make your dream a reality. You need to breathe and focus on the knowledge and experience that you already have to achieve your goal. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you already know. It’s vital to build on what you have instead of focussing on what you lack.

Your Subconscious mind create what you want

When you obsess about failing, you will most likely fail. Simply because you project the thought of failure onto your subconscious mind; it, in turn, manifests your projection. It has to do with your thoughts, beliefs and emotional state. The more clear-headed your thoughts, secure your beliefs, and the calmer you are, the more likely it is that you will succeed.

How can you create with your subconscious mind?

Think clearly about what you want your subconscious mind to create. Only project this image from your conscious mind (your goal setter) onto your subconscious mind (your goal-getter). It is vital to keep your emotions peaceful and in alignment with your mental image. Strong, affirming beliefs will also crystallize and deliver your dreams to you. When your emotions spiral out of control with fear, just breath and bring your awareness back to reality; focus on what is real. Don’t worry about the past or the future. When you stay present, you realize what is reasonable and possible, and you don’t focus on the scary stories that you tell yourself.

So, what if you do fail?

You are taking the risk on you and taking steps towards achieving your goal. Not many people dare to risk everything in bringing about a meaningful life. If you don’t take risks, your life will never change. You won’t feel the pleasure of learning, growing and succeeding. Failure is a perspective on the results that you achieved. If the results are not great, you can review what you have done and what you can do to improve the results. Most successful people confirm that they had failed many times before they succeeded. Failing is a badge of honour in pursuit of your dream.

Processing failure

Of course, when you do fail, it is vital to take a step back and review why it happened. You may have to go about your goal in another way; you may have to ask for help. Whatever the reason for your failure, ask yourself, what am I meant to learn here. Apply your newfound insights and go after your dream. There are many routes to achieve success. Don’t give up because life goes on after failure, often better than you imagined.

Use failure as a stepping stone to what you want. Failure is the scars of a well-lived life; it makes the success of achieving your goals so much sweeter.

In our next blog, I’ll share how you can achieve your vision, even if it feels bigger than life

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