Dreams come true

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Dreams are not always clear. Sometimes we know that we want to achieve but we are unclear as to what exactly we want to achieve or what steps we need to take to get there. The older I become the clearer I am on my goals and although fear always niggles close, just being clear is amazing. One has to have faith and believe that these will come true but most important of all a little elbow grease will go a long way. You have to break your dream up into actionable goals and take active steps to achieve them; be it through reading and learning more, practicing skills and abilities you never had before. For only with belief, faith, action and practice will the unimaginable happen. Dreams will come true. What happens when you ignore your dreams?

A poem I wrote awhile ago – which will touch on this very idea.

Your Spirit

When your spirit talks to you.

It’s best to listen.

For if we ignore it.

It cast a magic spell and we

Act out causing destruction &

Unrepairable damage.

When your spirit talks

and you listen closely.

You will find wisdom and courage.

You will know what to do.

The only barrier fear

and your internal voices

 saying it can’t be done.

These barriers & your spirit

Throwing you

into a turmoil

 you never thought possible.

I have learned t that

When your spirit talks to you, you better listen.

For it opens up a life that you are

meant to live.


Your spirit,

Your internal compass

Your internal strength.

Is God’s gift to you.

For when spirit,

internal voices and heart

all beat as one.

The unimaginable happens.

Dreams come true!

Happy dreaming

Love  Ash

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