Do you have a Liezell Brits?

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If you do not have a Liezell you will never know the great heights that your ideas could take. You will also never know how the impossible could happen in the shortest possible time.

Liezell how fortunate I was to work with you! Thank you for always being willing to help and for your amazing attitude that was always like a fresh breath of air – which I gulped up 🙂 .

What always amazed me about you, Liezell:

  • Your willingness to help even though it was not in your job description or in your reporting line.
  • Whenever I went to you with one of my crazy ideas – you would just laugh! You would suggest improvements to the ideas (which always made it better) and the best part – you always thought these ideas could fly 🙂  (From HR puzzles to vision boards; the talent extravaganza & more).
  • You helped my team and me to implement these crazy ideas with ease & great success.
  • Your work ethic and output – simply extraordinary.
  • I love your heart and your dream of being a project co-coordinator/manager. With your completed studies and your willingness I know, this dream will be realized!
  • I’ve always said this to you, if I had to run a big company and I had only 1 person I could hire to make a difference – I know it will be you.
  • I hope sincerely – that one day you and I would work together in Cape Town (following in Noma’s steps to leave Jozi for the mother-city).

Thank you so much Liezell for the honor to work with you. Until we work together again, I hold you close in my heart.

With love & light


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