Finding clarity on your dream career and taking actions to achieve it

What is your lodestar?

“Embracing your lodestar for an inspired life.” The first time I heard these words from Wayne Dyer, it felt like a flame ignited within me.  I started to wonder how I could embrace my lodestar completely.  The jobs I got to perform always had elements of what I love to do. It’s just that these elements are sometimes sparsely spread amongst mundane tasks and all the while trying to stay clear of politics. Thankfully, I have learned to trust myself and now do more of what I love. I find that it’s important to get clear on what your dream career is and taking actions to achieve it. When you know what your purpose is, you will serve your highest calling.

What is a lodestar? It is a star that is used to guide the course of a ship. In this article, I’m referring to a guiding star or light of inspiration. It’s that feeling within you that affirms that you are doing what you should be doing. It helps you explore the right career option for you. When you embrace your inner-guiding-light your life will never be the same.  Embrace your lodestar and enjoy life.

My observations

In my years in the HR profession, I’ve observed many people who instead of following their lodestar, resigned themselves to a life of existence instead of meaning. They are weary and fearful of changing the essence of their lives.  “If you dislike your job why do you do it?” I’ve often asked, and the answer is always the same. It pays the bills and takes care of the family.  I could feel their fear reverberate at the prospect of exploring other career options.  But it’s their weariness that makes me want to shout, “But imagine doing what you love and getting paid for it!” Sadly, they shake their heads and look at me like I’m nuts.

But seriously. Why can’t you be intoxicated with joy while doing what feels right for you? The best part is that there are assuredly others out there who are doing what you dream of doing.  Why can’t you seize the day! Why should your life feel like hard, mouldy cheese? Imagine the trail of glory in the heavens affirming that you are on purpose with your quest in life.

Why should exploring other career options be hard? It does not have to be a situation of all or nothing. What is your lodestar? And where should you begin?

Practical Tips to help you find clarity on your dream career and taking actions to achieve it.

Start with the following simple actions:

  1. Seek out the silence. The best way to uncover what’s in your heart is to find some time alone; preferably somewhere soothing for you. A walk on the beach or a park or your favourite room in your house. Meditate, pray and be open to seeking out your lodestar.
  2. Write it all down. Get yourself a notepad or notebook to help you reflect on your interests, current life situation, how you feel about your current job and what careers you would be keen to explore. Jot down everything that comes to mind. I recommend you also doodle away because its in your artistic moments that you get the most clarity.
  3. Do the free personality test, 16 Personalities on It will help you with reflections on your strengths, development areas, interests and the career options you could explore.
  4. Reflect and ask questions. It’s important not to rush it, give yourself a week of reflecting every day even if only for an hour a day. Ask yourself many questions and allow the answers to come to you.

Actions to help you get clarity

  • Use the information to capture your vision. After a week or so go through your notes and highlight everything that resonated most with you. Draw up a vision for your future. Vision boards are fun ways to capture your life’s mission — the more pictures and colours on your vision board, the better. Keep your captions clear, concise and, in alignment with your intentions.
  • Consult with either a life coach, a trusted friend or family member. The most important aspect of this step is to soundboard out-loud with someone who is a good listener and have your interests at heart. It should be someone who can help you reflect and allow you to create your ideal vision for your life. A life coach is a trained professional who will be able to assist you. Should you be interested in life coaching contact
  • Seek out others who are doing what you dream of doing. Find out how they became successful in this career.

Take Action to achieve the results you want

  • Plan for your life. Write down the action steps that you must complete to achieve your vision.
  • Commit to you and complete your top 3 action steps in the short term (1-3 months). 
  • Track your progress and listen with your heart. Consistent, progressive results indicate an alignment with your life’s quest. You can video log your results and even post it on Instagram and facebook.
  • Overcome obstacles. Remember that there will always be issues to solve like funding for studies or babysitters for small children. Mobilise the support system around you and solve each niggle that keeps you from doing what you love. Overcoming obstacles are part of your growth process. The pay-off is doing what you love successfully.
  • Be disciplined and do what is right for your life. Please, you and only you. Make sure that your little steps turn into Significant, Bold Steps of Consistent Action.

Trust yourself and do what is right for you. When it feels right, you will notice that no critic or negativity from nay-sayers would stop you. You will be embracing your lodestar and loving you, your job and life in general. What could be better than this? experts on Personal Mastery and Team Transformation.

With Love & Light


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