Courage is a pre-requisite for a meaningful life. I’ve been shaken and stirred by many events in my life. The lessons over the years numerous of what could go wrong even with the best laid out plans. And sometimes just when I thought I had it, Murphy showed up and laughed in my face. I discovered that cowering or giving up does not improve the quality of life. The empty ache deep within you keep throbbing and nudging you to move beyond where you are. 

It takes courage to keep moving

Sometimes it will feel like everything is going wrong. Don’t give up on yourself. It takes courage to keep moving towards your moon-shot dreams.

Wear your courage like armour

Yes, many things do and can go wrong especially when we don’t change our mindset, beliefs, emotions, or physiology. After a series of tumbles in life when the humility lessons finally penetrated my foggy brain. I remembered to keep faith, to hold onto hope, and to wear my courage like armour. 

Courage leads to success

I know for sure that it’s only when you believe in your dreams and yourself with a conviction that resembles a raging fire; that you transcend all limitations and expand. The biggest thing we all need to reach, what others would describe as unsurmountable levels of success is courage.

Creativity takes courage

Courage gives you’re the strength to be consistent. It helps you be a disciple of your life’s mission. You will push through the toughest obstacles and you will marvel at the results. Create the life you want.

“Creativity takes courage.” 

with love and light


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