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Change why do we resist you so?

We all know change it is inevitable.

Yet we cling to what we know.

Familiarity with people, good or bad;

Makes you keep them close;

 for the unknown is too scary.

We stick with what we know;

 Holding on to the old and familiar.

A crazy practice.

of smoke and mirrors.

For is what we see & know true?

Or is it what we want it to be?

Change may be better…

We don’t know.

It’s path too new and unchartered.

The path stretching endlessly…

Into the horizon.

What lays ahead a mystery.

“What happens when I follow this path,” I worry and fear.

“Do I take it or stay safe with what I know?”

“The road may lead to wonderful discoveries,”

 a tiny voice whispers softly.

A spark ignite in my heart

I turn in the direction of the unknown;

Beckoning path,

 Inviting me for an adventure.

The mystery may be wonderful….

It feels like everywhere I look change is beaconing at the door. How to deal with change; why should we change;

Why should we do it differently? Are you smoking something? What do you mean we need to explore other options? 

Oh boy, we do love sticking to what we know! The prospect of change, scary…..

 I wish it could be introduced via smoking something interesting. Or better yet a pill or putting change powder in the air con.

Imagine – you can then introduce change in one quick sweep. If only – hahaha it would be fun though. Imagine asking someone – did you smoke your change pipe yet?  For change is spying at us at every door.

So instead of explaining the why of change! Maybe we should ask – why not? How flexible, reliable and relevant are you?

My views on change

Keep well

Ash 🙂

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