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How to change the experience of your life?

How to change the experience of your life is easier than you’ve imagined. Our fear, however, keeps us stuck to our worn-out realities. Thankfully the whispers from our hearts never stop, and every day, we have an opportunity to rise towards our dreams. 

Jump Over what stops you from growing

Before I share how you can change the experience of your life, I encourage you to stare down the four things that often stops us from changing our lives.

How to overcome what stops you from changing your life’s experience

Your story, beliefs, poorly defined vision, and your fear are the culprits that get in the way of living a meaningful life. I will touch briefly on the reality of each one and the possibility of overcoming it. 

Your story

The reality of your story 

You know what you want in your life, whether it’s a new career, a healthier lifestyle, or a new relationship. Your stories about why you can’t have it keeps you rooted in the same old story. The boulders you focus on are past failures, your inner critique, judgments from others, and what you lack. All of this affects your confidence and your ability to walk strong in the direction of your dreams. The story in our heads is often worse than reality.

The possibility of your new story

Change your story! Appreciate the talents and abilities that you do have. Give gratitude for all your blessings. Then turn to your imagination and focus on the images of the story you want. Have faith that everything you need is already within you and around you. The right people and events will happen in perfect synchronicity. 


The reality of your beliefs 

Related to your story is your beliefs. Many of your beliefs are deeply rooted and stops you from achieving success. 

My limiting belief was that I was not creative, and this use to depress me. In John Kehoe’s book, Mind Power, he shared that the only thing that stopped two groups of engineers from being creative was their beliefs. The original group thought, spoke, and behaved creatively, whereas the other group didn’t. This insight changed my life; today, I create in as many ways possible.

Ask yourself if any of your beliefs are stopping you from living the life you want. By merely changing negative and limiting beliefs, you can transform your life.

The possibility of your new beliefs

According to Tony Robbins, you must break the reference legs of these limiting beliefs. You can do this by firstly associating immense pain to an old belief. Secondly, by associating tremendous pleasure to a new empowering belief, for example, I am creative. The more you scratch the CD of your old ideas (pattern interrupt strategy), the more you will think and behave differently. 


The reality of your vision

A poorly defined vision will manifest haphazardly or not at all. Life will feel hard and unyielding. You will float aimlessly in your life until you crystalize the vision for your life. If you don’t know where to start, consult with a life coach who will guide you along your path. 

The possibility of your vision

It’s important to clarify what you want for your life. Conjure up the image of your imagination with as much detail as possible. Visualize a sharp and bright image of your dream. 

See Your Vision in your Minds Eye

Reinforce your vision consistently with visualization techniques. 

Remember that whatever you focus on in your mind will expand. It is, therefore, essential to ensure that your thoughts, words, feelings, and actions are in perfect alignment with your vision. 


The reality of your fear

Most people fear the unknown and it’s one of the main reasons we cling to our comfort zones. One of our biggest concerns is not being able to take care of ourselves or our loved ones. 

The possibility of your fear

If you want to change your life, you must face your fear with courage. The path to a new life does involve taking risks, but the rewards are so much more significant. As you walk towards your goals, it becomes easier to solve whatever fear throws at you. Remember, fear stands for false evidence appearing real.

Quote by Erica Jong

“I have accepted fear as a part of life. Specifically, the fear of change. I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says, ‘Turn back.’”

Before you settle into a meaningless existence where nothing changes, ask yourself, “How can I change the experience of my life?’

Seven tactics that will change the experience of your life.

The top three tactics

  1. Stop over-analyzing everything and let go of the inner critique. Appreciate every progress that you make towards your goals. Your sense of accomplishment will grow.
  2. Raise your awareness. By paying attention to what you don’t want will lead you to what you do want. The clarity of knowing what you wish for will give you a great sense of relief. You will pay more attention to your intuition, and your experience will change. 
  3.  Let go of what no longer serves you. It may be old habits, people, and things. Often, we need to shed the early versions of ourselves to step into our new realities fully. It may feel challenging at the beginning, but soon you’ll soar with relief and a sense of achievement.

The last four tactics

  1. Use your imagination more. Your ideas will flow on how to achieve your outcomes. Consult you-tube and google for inspiration, and in no time, your vision will be on fire with possibility. 
  2. Learn new skills, abilities, and habits to help you achieve your goals and dreams. 
  3. Pay attention to who is doing what you will love to do. Reach out to these experts for help, and you will be amazed at what you will accomplish. No one is born an expert; everyone had to start at the beginning and put in the work, time, and effort.
  4. When you act in the pursuit of your dreams and goals, you reconnect with the spark that feeds your life. You start aligning your mind, heart, and soul by paying attention to your inner calling. 

You can change the experience of your life ten-fold by addressing what stops you from what you want. The seven tactics will help you dramatically improve the quality of your life. Be brave and bold. Learn how change serves you and grow. 

With love and light Ash

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