Are you doing what you do best?

Are you doing what you love?

Are you doing what you love? Many people do what they think they have to do. They don’t focus on inspiration or love instead they do what is expected of them. What if you can do what you love and take care of your responsibilities?

When you think of Italian food you can almost see the Italian Nonna smile as she cooks a hearty meal for her family.  Her recipes past down from one generation to the next. The biggest secret to the incredibly delicious food is love. She cooks with love from start to end. Eating her food sweeps you away with ecstasy. This is what I think it means to do what you do best.

Your ideal job, career, or craft needs to be more than paying the bills. It is a means of expressing your soul. You can fill your joy cup and express your creativity and purpose to the world. It defines the best parts of you from start to end. It’s what makes you tick and what you do best.

There are a great many things that you can do for money. How many people find their happiness in the simple pleasures that give love and speaks of what they do?

Do what makes you come alive, do it with love, and serve as many people as you can. Your happiness should be shared.  

With love and light


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