Analysis made easy – Tribute to Johan van Greuning (JvG)

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All of you who knows Johan well knows that he is hardworking, always willing to share and teach; and above all he is an awesome human being.

I leant so much from Johan that served me well in all the roles I performed. From him I learnt that product and process knowledge are essential for all support functions. I learnt the importance of understanding corporate politics and most critically that if you can analyse various data in business; then you can truly make a meaningful contribution in business and recommend and implement a winning strategy.

I remember how when I started at SBIS I thought I had some nifty excel skills; but I was wrong!

One day I was requested to do some “mind-boggling analysis” for my HR reports. Timidly I agreed and thankfully Johan saw the fear on my face and came to my aid. He pulled up a chair next to me and showed me, how to use excel optimally. I learnt tricks – I never knew possible and I can proudly say, today that I know excel well. I have come to believe that in HR – excel is essential.

You can zip info in from several sources, analyse them and do amazing graphs and formulate sound predictions and solutions.

So Johan for all the lessons – I would just like to say thank you!

 With love and light


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