Achieve the impossible

Achieve the impossible

Achieve the impossible by trusting yourself. I have told myself many times not to be absurd, whenever a silly idea crossed my mind. The idea would make me smile and I would think “Don’t be crazy.” Then I would laugh out loud imagining what people would think of my antics.

Your ideas will help you achieve the impossible

My censorship would kill my most inspiring, funny, and awakening ideas. Until the time came that some ideas just begged for life and I just had to act on them.

Like the time I facilitated a Change Management feedback session AND I just had to do it differently.

Acting to achieve the impossible

So, with the meeting room full of leaders, sap experts, and staff. I used the Lord of the Rings saga as a metaphor for our SAP change journey.   And as I was speaking, I knew I had to do it.  At the top of my lungs, I did the voice of Gollum, “My precious!”

Gollum wanted the ring all to himself even at the risk of the damning consequences it had on him and will have on everyone else. He lost sight of the mission. So, with our SAP journey, we had to remember what was most important in going live with SAP. We had to work together and support each other to have a successful Go-Live.

It is not impossible to achieve the results you want

What did everyone think of my demonstrative story with voices and all? The room was surprised at first, followed by laughter, and then many could relate. I learned that day that the seemingly absurd ideas could bring about the desired results. And I had fun doing it.

Our absurd ideas come from a magical place deep within us. When we act on them with good intent, it brings balance to our souls.

with love and light


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