A poem from my beautiful daughter to me – How blessed I feel

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I was completely touched by the gift, of a poem from my daughter to me.

It made me smile and so, if you all don’t mind. I would like to share it with you.

It is entitled,She is:

She is more beautiful, than beauty itself

She has the heart of an elephant and the soul of a gypsy.

She shines so bright.

It’s hard for others to miss her.

She is kind to all those around her,

And even on her bad days;

She knows how to make you smile.

Her kindness is shared with everyone.

Her voice is full of warmth, it makes you feel simply loved.

She is the glue that we all need to keep moving forward.

She is the friend everyone wishes they could have.

She is radiant and more than I can explain.

She is my mother and I am blessed to have her.


Can a mother, be more proud?


With love and light




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