A new beginning …

Endings are crucial for new life to flow.
A new beginning filled with promise can only be yours if;
you’re open to closing the door on what has been.
Keep the memory but do not hold on just because of nostalgia.
Being stuck is a high price to pay.

Listen to your instincts.
Trust how you are feeling.
Lift the lid on your boiling frustration and shift pass your fear into a new
Once the discomfort of the unknown passes you’ll feel excitement start to

Reflect on your strengths and interests.
Reflect on your vision ahead.
With clarity in your mind, calm emotions and a sense of purpose.
Take some paper and put your plan in writing.
Don’t worry about how, focus on what and the ultimate goal
Think, say, feel and do what you wish to realise most in your life.
Ensure consistency anchors you and then your goals.

With a clear mind and purposeful soul everything is possible.

With Love & Light

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