7 alternatives to a meaningless existence

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A natural course of life is that nothing last forever, change is inevitable. Yet we cling to our worn out comfort zones, like a drug addict to cocaine; HABIT. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that habits can serve your life but bad ones suck the joy from you.

Have you ever wondered which of your habits keep you stuck in a paradigm you wish you could alter? Is it your job, the partner you are with, the city you live in or the endless stream of busyness that makes you auto-pilot into existence? Or is it your FEAR that keeps you rooted in sameness? Its’ smell, its’ voice, its’ presence holding you so tight you can barely breath. Yet you cling with all your might to a known existence; a new beginning just too hard to contemplate. You start giving up on what you know deep down you simply have to do.

It is easier to focus on all the reasons why you shouldn’t dare to transform your life. Your family needs you to provide for them, starting over is hard and your confidence in your own abilities is low. And lets not forget everyone around you will remind you that you are daft. In fact they would declare you INSANE. You’ll be reminded of your age, the countless youngsters that’s so much better than you and the grit you evidently lack. It may be all true except for the part deep inside of you that feels differently. It’s sparks your insides and makes you glow.

So I propose 7 alternatives to a meaningless existence;

  1. Embrace the endings of all things as an opportunity to begin again. The end of a bad marriage gives you the opportunity to meet your soul mate. Resigning from a job that drains you could mean the start of a new career. 
  2. Trust yourself, take action and work tirelessly to achieve your goals, no one has to starve. You will provide for your family.
  3. You’ll stop relying on old skills and learn some new ones.
  4. You’ll appreciate everything instead of taking everything for granted. Gratitude builds a life filled with abundance.
  5. You’ll remember what matters most to you, and what’s truly important in life.
  6. You’ll make decisions that will improve your life, not to please others but to please you.
  7. You’ll burn limiting beliefs and in turn create an open mind to live the life you’ve imagined.

So I encourage you to end all things that no longer serve you. Make a CHOICE, take the necessary steps and transform you. It’s  up to you. Why? Life is short and you deserve to live with joy. It won’t be easy, it will take allot of work but you’re totally worth it. Your flame will burn from inside out. So, take a risk on you and see where it leads.

With Love and Light


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